im looking 4ward 2 playing my part in the easter play good friday, im reflecting on the meaning of easter with mixed emotions.


if u open up urself n be friendly u can have the most amazing life experiences…i did yesterday on first via train ride from ottawa 🙂


shoutout to my new hamilton n ottawa friends make sure u continue to minding your bodies to boost ur mood n stay productive…


appreciating life despite the obstacles n think how interesting complicated we are as human being yet creative n productive..


a good thing nobody naah live past 110 yrs old anymore caz we would become so fool fool we start eat we self…even so come Lord Jesus!


…well PNP take over Jamaica again…im sure for another long long term of nothing but isims n skisims…or i hope not!!!

without economic equality there is no real democracy!
 .yeah, why is there poverty in first world countries with so much wealth…? it kinda behooves me…kinda, just kinda…
 interestingly enough most of the billionaires lives in north america or the first world countries so why is there poverty, recession, etc
 …it’s interesting that all the ‘first’ world countries benefited directly or indirectly from either slavery or colonization…
  • British superpower status was build on raping the colonies of it’s natural resources n north american millionaires was created from slavery
…has globalization replaced slavery…?
 Capitalism is great if there is a huge social component or the rich will get richer and the poor will die or maybe kill the rich..hmmm!
  • why is there 35+ million people in Canada but only 18+ million people are paying income tax…? are the rest unemployed? Ask ur MP that?
 Stay tuned for the public forum at queens park and register to go down and speak/ask about the starvation of many children in ontario…
 …go see your and ask he or she what is she doing to address the economic inequality in Toronto/Canada…?
 ..we need to make poverty history in Toronto…by standing up for the rights of the poor n working poor…
 …’THE CASE OF THE MISSING BODY’…come find out more about this on Good Friday and Easter Sunday @ FAITH SANCTUARY 1901 JANE ST – TORONTO!
 ..i will cherish the love i have an be contended with the life i live as i count my blessings n name them one by one…Amen!

granny wisdom # 3 -wantie wantie caan gettie n gettie gettie nuh wantie – those who have it don’t want it and those who want it can’t get it


…hate 2 seem dogmatic bout my faith but i’m reminded daily that had it not been 4 the presence of God in my life there would be no success


…as i life coach i find it often funny that i am able to make such profound difference in helping people find their purpose…


….i declare today as step-mother day…for the really super ones that tries there best…too often they get a bad rap!!!


…big ups!! Ms. Judith Campbell..i think God knew the types of challenges i would face in life so he made u specially for me…!

…i love my step-mother, she is the most loving, supportive, caring person on the face of this earth and she was not born priviledged…

uhhhggh! walking 😦 can’t poke fun at my granny anymore caz i’ve now experienced my weak foot problem…peace out fb & twitter world!!


…lack of real sleep n carrying too many burdens on my head…so i got to get going caz i can’t lie to her…


…she tucked me in over the phone and made me promise not to sleep on my couch for the rest of the week…she feels dats why im sick..


plus my 10 yr old God-daughter who thinks she is the boss of me is going to flip wen she call at 7am and find out that i came out of the bed

 ! 2am…i guess i should try and crawl back in my bed seeing that i’ve unloaded some thoughts…i will try to count SHEEPS!
 …well i guess God knows what He is doing caz i really feel the passion to mobilize people on a larger scale to be all that they can BE!
 i maybe able to put a few words together and i a serious manager of people, process and successful biz operations…but ACTIVIST??
.still kinda nervous that my big mouth attracted the organizers and they want me to join their team caz i just feel very simple…

…Thank you Jesus for the lifestyle you’ve allowed me to have…poor bwoy from Kingston Jamaica poised to affect some serious changes…


and the list goes on and on and on…then to find out that the government structure contributed to the problem was another chair shaker!!


one of my most shocking discovery was the 40% rate of high school dropout in my area caz kids have no food at home to eat b4 going to school


…’poverty’ and Canada is the 8th richest country in the world…what a bangaran!!


…i was totally dumb founded hearing the statistic n the condition of almost half of the population in Toronto..many people have no food!


…i was looking forward to helping shape my community in Jamaica with some of this knowledge n skills i have, i find problem in my backyard


…i have no political aspirations but i have to find way to help the poor, working poor n rich ppl in Toronto balance quality of life…


…attend a seminar last downtown Toronto and on economic inequality and social injustice…Lord Jesus! I am still trying to recover!


wow…this is a very emotional week so far no wonder my immune system shut down…


…granny wisdom # 2 sometimes in life you have to tan pan crooked and cut straight…


…oh well wen me fall asleep, heaven here i come…too bad i will miss so many ppl or else i would not come back…


…didn’t even know inner thigh could hurt so bad just from working out…feel it even in my head…poor me!


…gosh it’s a good thing i rarely get sick caz the pains are unbareable…


….’im sick like a dog’ flu came on quick n it a mash mi up plus i over did it in the gym n now i can barely walk…sleep come nuh!!


…granny wisdom # 1; “bwoy memba sey common sense is better than capital sense..”


Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way. ~ Les Brown

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Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own.

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Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track.

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….only God’s power can help us emancipate ourselves from mental n physical slavery…RIP MG MLK RNM MX……


…the freedom from oppression will not be fully realized until men acknowledge God place in their lives…


‘….bloody sunday’ 1965..MLK n others fought for the rights n freedom of black n oppress people n God showed his power…


…n give me the strength to deal with challenges that force me to be other than Christ like…


….show your power in my life Lord in my character, in how i deal with others n how i conduct biz….


…i bind lust unforgiveness high mindedness desire for good reputation etc in the name of Jesus….


….faults! i have many many many but i am holding on to God’s mercy as i try daily to demonstrate His changing power in my life…


…and i am not ashame of the gospel of Christ caz it’s the power of God for salvation…


…i really don’t intend to seem arrogant with religious dogma but i’ve experience the real power of God in my life…


…hmmm so one day very soon we’ll have to be accountable for the life we live…will it reflect the power of God?


…ironiclly the msg today is show the power…lol…the wind cause power outage to prove God’s point literally…


…oh how i love Jesus, i’m sitting in church n there is no electric power but the power of God is still here…


n if u don’t come soon i need another double dose of the Holy Ghost n another skill(thick skin) to make it 25 more yrs…


God blessed me some amazing skills n im truely thankful…however even so come Lord Jesus….


i was encouraged again last night @ church as week share our testimonies of how Jesus kept us…


…26 years this coming April i went to a pentecostal church n choose to live for Christ saved my life…


anyways life goes on n everyday another baby is born…..


…it would more encouraging to hear a personal testimony of someone actually made it over….


yeah grief equal growth n life runs on a train line of good n bad experiences….


i wish i knew someone who died for more than year then came back to life….


1day i hope 2 find out y shoemakers never hve the best shoes builders the best house n its hard 2 perfect wat i preach..


1day i hope to find out 4 real y shoemakers never hve the best shoes builders the best house n its so hard to perfect wat i preach..


my calling is the ability to teach n pastoring n my gift is wisdom but y is it so hard to apply to myself…


seet deh now mi belly empty so i can go on with my life….halleluher!!! 🙂


so i will put my trust in God as i continue to teach my fellowman how to fish…n the haters a guh tired fi se mi face but dem caan…


rip mass lawyer…i trying to play my part despite the haters wey a look free goods or foreign money n bad mouth mi…


the heights by great men reach n kept were not attained by sudden flight…


…last week i was at my first primary school penlyne castle all age so now as i reflect back i was reminded of this resitation


…its not the first second or third time since i migrated to canada a a youth that i’m face with this kinda thing…WHY ME LORD?


…so on another note today i had another opportunity to make some mad cash but turn it down caz it involved cheating people…


…the biggest challenge of all is when u seek God’s help to let go n let Him complete the good work that He began in u…


…the challenge tho is to recognized if u have character flaws n committing to try n improve them with or withhout God’s help..


…i’m so slow, i just realize that good character is better than good reputation


although i find that the steps i take to correct my flaws with the help of God n some real frens, when shared can become!


just a thought b4 i dive into my work – I wonder what life’s like over on the other side – i hope i don’t carry any of my current flaws 🙂


now i’ve got 2 prep 4 two really big presentations i need to complete and deliver Wednesday!…most of the info was on my phone… 🙂


Hallehluer! thx 2 a good Samaritan i hv my phone back! God is good n church ppl r nice.t’was hell without it need 2 change my priorities.


Gosh! i can’t believe that i’ve lost my phone again…this time in church…left in in the coat room when went back it was sad!


Absolute Wealth Management’s E-newsletter Current Issue appreciation also i want to thank my church family, MDAO, CMHA, the pregancy centre, CAMH and the living well…u make life meaningful.


thanks ruth, samuel, edleen laurel n lorraine for making the task of caring for your mother n my granny less burdensome if it ever is 🙂


this past weekend my baby auntie on my mother’s side came to Toronto to visit her mother with her fren Maureen n mi granny was in heaven…!


…so i want to say a big thank you to all my real frens n all the people God has used as angels to bless me with a kind word, $$ n love 🙂


As i continue to look at myself thru God’s eyes, i see more of my gifts n talents in operations than my faults and failures-What a blessing?


…i’ve completed almost 4 mths of my year since my new year started on October 1st and as i look back at the past 4 mths…i’m well pleased


…if tomorrow never comes i’m truly pleased with the blessings God has granted me so far!


media fast for a week…please call, e-mail or txt me for any urgent matters!…


So looking forward to welcome 2012!…..


Wishing everybody and theirs a very Merry Christmas from The Living Well. And the most prosperity and growth in 2012!

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Christmas is not just a day–it’s a state of mind! Get into the spirit today and Live Well.

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If you dream it, you can achieve it! Do what you love and love what you do–the universe will respond in kind! Dream big, Dream Well!

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Need a new year’s resolution? How about learning a new language? Keeps your mind sharp and makes you irresistible abroad and at home.

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Did you see The Living Well in the winter issue of HEALTHY LIVING Magazine?


Happy Monday! Remember a man isn’t poor if he can still laugh. Laugh Well

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-Mahatma Gandhi : “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Live Well

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EMPATHY-most of the time a desirable trait. But don’t feel bad for those you don’t deserve it; everyone makes their own decisions. Feel Well

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Sometimes it’s better to be thought dumb and remain silent, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Think Well.

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Happiness is a decision. Make the right one and start living the life of your dreams. Be Well.

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Yeezy had a song awhile back that The Living Well espouses daily: Welcome To The Good Life! Live Well.

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How you livin’? The Living Well invites you to learn more about the good life at

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Trendsetter from our views to our letters; change workouts according to the weather; The Living Well exists to make us all better. Live Well

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The path to success is varied and there’s no linear way to get there. Follow your heart and stay positive–that’s the Living Well way.

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Don’t stress the “could haves”, if it should have, it would have. Be true to yourself and the universe will respond in kind. Be Well.

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God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.

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…my fb, twitter, myspace, etc friend here is my prayer/gift 4 y’ll this Christmas…not our will Lord but Thy will be done in our lives ❤


as Christmas comes again n i reflect on Christ amazing gift of His life 4 my sins i’ll make an extra effort to exhibit faith hope n charity.


….so glad that despite not truely being able to measure my success in term of a life dedicated to Christ i’m not being compared to anyone


relecting on faith, hope n charity…wishing there was an instrument to measure them to know that i am pleasing the Master for His sacrifice


restarting leadership unlimited in 2012…focus on developing leadership from ‘within’ character building @ faith sanctuary….


….too bad u can’t go to a gym to build character….:-(


who do u love with ur heart mind n soul….?


now im kinda disappointed that di’bi young cancel her acting workshop caz i READY 😦


was cast in a play my first in ‘donkey years’ i was pleased with my memory n passion…


for the rest of my life i’ll serve him….


…a hail the power of Jesus name let angels prostrate fall bring forth that royal diadem n crown Him Lord of all….


@DelMiller @kimboo4u, yeah that’s been my spot for 25yrs lol…big ups to ur fren for warming my heart with ur presence…Gbu!


@DelMiller hey it was ‘warming’ to see you at faith sanctuary sunday night…i wanted to hail u bad but u left too quick.pls come again 🙂


Effective leadership is putting first things first. ~ Stephen Covey

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I turned to another channel in my life. New station, still looking forward to some of the classic experiences but i’m seeking new programs..


i can’t promise that i will always be available to come out n play caz now i got to study and slowly practice how to be the perfect child…


well it’s never too late to start so first let me apologize to anyone that i’ve hurt in anyway intentional or not please FORGIVE me..thanks!


in my attitude and approach to life…i saw every obstacle as a challenge, took every correction without pride, seeking always to please….


forgetting that we must answer to God and we have the next generation behind us to be a Godly example to..oh how i wish i was a child again


it’s funny how when we are grown it’s ok to do whatever we please even when it does not make sense or it’s ungodly and say it’s my life…


what else do we lose when we’ve lost the innocence, honesty, humility, ambition, curiosity, creativity, etc of a child…?


Jesus said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven…


One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. ~ Dale Carnegie

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finally never stop taking EXCELLENT care of urself ‘mind body n SOUL’, tune out the negative internal/external voice, serve n help others:-)


…doing what you are capable of to recover or get help while accepting urself as u are trying never to blame urself or stuck @ ‘why me’


…give up blaming anyone or anything for your issues but rather acknowledge n learn about them then focus on personal recovery…


….losing focus on taking personal responsibility of your wellness, happiness and life satisfaction…HOW?


There are many reasons/factors for mental health issues however the major cause is a result of a person giving up on his/her self…meaning!


long before work as we know it now, slavery, industrialization and capitalism there was mental health issues…even in the bible…WHY?


Lord my desire is to dwell in your presence all the days of my life, to bask in your beauty, and to meditate in Your temple….:-)


I believe in Jesus Christ,He was crucified, buried in a tomb,THREE days later rose from the dead. I have accepted Him as my personal Savior.


oh how i would love to master the art of speaking without offending and listening without defending….


Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure. ~ Thomas Edison

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SAD, 340 billion dollars cannot extend a life beyond 56 years when death comes….thank God there is an Anchor that keeps our soul…


!…Steve Jobs made a noticeable entrance n a noticeable exit R.I.P…


wow! apple captivating world wide audience again….


only the things that are done for JESUS CHRIST will last…Amen!


@gemckenzie best birthday wishes…i wish you God’s best gift!


…in this life each, day i’m learning to think BIG dream BIG live BIG and have BIG goals that are built on Faith, Hope and Love 🙂


Hope is found in hopelessness. Hope fuels the desire to live one more day then another & another…having faith that love will find its way.


Practical faith is putting a pot of water on the stove and know that some will show up as soon as the pot starts boiling with food for it..


Faith is believing that despite how challenging the circumstances may be even if it’s life threatening it will still workout for good….


True honest to goodness love is having the power to destroy, manipulate, degrade those who wish to do you harm but instead you forgive…


….dreaming more than others think is practical and expecting more than others think is possible.-Winston Churchill


Excellence is caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe; cont…


i can, will, have, done, will continue to do all things through Christ who ‘STRENGTHENETH’ me…Amen! 🙂


Some trust in fancy house, pretty car, nuff money, relationships n status in this life, but I will remember the name of the LORD my God 🙂


…in the sweet by and my we shall…what a friend we have in Jesus…rock of ages make…i just want to praise you forever..sweet Jesus 🙂


…when peace like a river attended….shall we gather at the river….bulah land i’m longing for you…it’ll soon be done all troubles..:-)


…tis so sweet to trust in Jesus…Jesus you are the centre of my joy…if heaven wasn’t really promise to me…amazing grace shall…:-)


..smell the roses, look at the bushes, listen to the crickets, pick up sticks, throw stone in the river n just walk for a while, results ???


let go of past or present fears….this will cause you to grow spiritually and feel a mental relief/burden you were not even aware of 🙂


focus on one good deeds each week…find a way to love someone unconditional or more than you did the week before, this prevents cancer 🙂


Recipe to avoid depression be successful; Let’s keep our mind focus on thoughts that are pure honorable, right, lovely and good news! 🙂


Personal leadership, Functional leadership, People Leadership…if you could only choose one which one would you choose…? (rhetorical ?)


man’s days are like grass-he flourishes like a flower of the field-the wind blows over it and it’s gone even its place remembers it no more.


…when was the last time you cross off something on ur bucket list…do you even have a bucket list..?


….who will cry when you die n why…?


…are you the boss of your own destiny…?


yesterday learnt that @ times when life gets tough and the door you are relyin on closes 3 doors can open with better opportunities 🙂


this past year was the 9th major change in my life…i feel like Daniel but i’m out of the lions den….!!


….october 2010 to september 2011…WOW! what a year!


getting ready for a time for new birth, new growth, new heights…etc!


…first day of September almost finish, it’s the last month in my year…


phone’s acting up again….calling n txting ppl in my contact list by itself…


be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord 🙂


…if sin is sin and its the root of all problems why is everyone’s punishment not visible and face similar consequences…?


…what makes a loving couple find it very challenging to make a child yet a girl get rape and is force to be pro-life or pro-choice…?


…how can a man with many faults, be the best he can with the talent God gave him, die hero yet another who do the same n die a pauper…?


…spent the entire day Saturday @ Jack Layton funeral activities…i left, motivated, confused, dissatisfied yet encouraged…


…reflecting on the struggles of my forefathers to find strength mentally n appreciating God’s gift of life to stay fit spirtually..:-)


God You are so real-if heaven wasn’t really promise to me-it’s still worth living for You-caz in this world of darkness You brought me light


since then (April 21st 1986)..i’ve been shipped wrecked so many times, got dirty few times even sunk a few times but God is always there 🙂


i just learnt that my first testimony in church was ‘ i was a little dirty ship but God clean me up and now i’m sailing clean’….wow!!


i’m pressing toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ ;enjoying daily successes n learning from the challenges:-)


…reflecting on the ever changing times…


so that that I may be consistently happy in this life and supremely happy with you forever in the next..Amen.


accepting the challenges of this world like you, and trusting that you will make all things right as I surrender to your will;


God teach me to live one day at a time; Enjoying one moment at a time; Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;


God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.


whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report- if there be any virtue, praise, think on these things…


…i will lift up mine eyes unto the hills…..


yesterday is a memory today is an opportunity what you do with today’s opportunity will determine your future….


…change come whether you are ready or not but with God…


….reflecting on the circle of life… reminded me that i am not forgotten God knows my name n despite where we are in life good bad or indifferent…


in God and He gives me confidence that this world, ppl, fren, family, cannot give…


…in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work …but i have hope!


For in my inner being I delight in God’s law; but I see another law at work…


so I find this law at work: When I want to do good, evil is right there with me… on a mission to save the world by being the Godly leaders of tomorrow-met them last night, they are worth the investment


weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning…God you know best…i will hold on till my change come. AMEN!


….my precious phones nokia n97 special edition 4 mths old feel out of my pocket into the toilet and flush down the drain…


then just wen u think things can’t get any worst…


Tuesday i am in serious pain from my workout @ the gym for the past few days…i can hardly walk what if i had taken a more that a month off


monday i get a big bill from my mechanic from 2009…3 times what i anticipated


sunday major fight with w roofer who was trying to rip me off…job still not complete…


such a crazy week…thank God for hope in Christ.


If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable….


ernest hemmingway from nobel prize winner for literature to suicide after after 3 wars n 4 wives…what killed his hope?


Rod #Blagojevich GUILTY on 17 counts, acquitted on one count, deadlocked on two:

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@ThatGirlDestany just a phase ride the wave n don’t watch the sea…you’ll soon surf tru


@jasonortepi thanks dude…man u just know the right words n time to build up a person…


thatgirldestiny i agree hun u caan please everybody actually especially those who r suppose to b closest to you…


imagine this roofer dude from pyramid roofing specialist is trying to swindel mi caz him know my cash flow is tight..well mr randy try again


being poor is a real sin…all kind of sketel n ragga ragga waan tek step a yuh…


for God so love the world that He gave His only begotten son…


however, knowing that my heart is deceitful & above all things desperately wicked so my HOPE is built on Jesus Blood & His Righteousness 🙂


i hold on to my grandmother’s words of wisdom (‘shoemaker rarely have the best shoe’) but i want to be the best at practicing what i preach


i’m a very good teacher but i question my ability to be a good student of what i teach caz it always seem so hard to practice what i know..


back to my personal legend…i’m still trying to write my life’s personal statement in a paragraph or less and make it generic but specific


since i left JA as a teenage 20+ years ago, this is the longest i’ve spent here…loving it, looking forward to more but i am CANADIAN 🙂


but my heart is in toronto…i miss ma frens there, church life, work, my house my couch, bathroom n my bed…:-)


2day i am enjoying the very beautiful view from hartley house in tambrind hill mobay jamaica & counting the waves crashing against the bay


i am more convinced now that ever before that home is where you heart is…


never thought i’d feel this way but i miss Toronto despite the never ending bliss of a simple life loaded with spiritual benefits here in JA


bye fb n twitter frens…not sure wen i’ll come back out of my simple life again to b with y’all…but link me @ 876-425-0634 if u MUST tb.


rip sis meredith…u’ve fought a good fight n kept the faith. bro meredith, don, james n cliffton srry i cannot b there but 4 u i am praying


rip dorothy prince aka cuz bev! we tore it up @ cuz gloria 40th anniversary party october last year, wish i knew it was ur last…:-)


death is sure but it hurts every time as if it’s the first even after experiencing it many times…God why is it this way???


wish i had more than one body to satisfy my quest for knowledge n spiritual growth n work, socialize with frens n famz simultaneously


i miss j nichole n her famz, sydonie, senmone, sageena, yvonne, samantha, loletia, ron, my team @ work n my house…ALL impacted me + b4 JA


i just learned that the core subjects that will give students a good foundation for life are maths, english, science n religious studies…


hmmm…back to technological civilization for a day after 2 weeks of enjoying the simple life in rual jamaica…:-)


Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.~Oprah Winfrey HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! to the biological mothers and the maternal mothers.


…let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to him in well doing, as unto a faithful Creator Amen


And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?


…judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?


nu thugt – i need to take off my rose glasses n see whats really going on around me…the son of God r here again just like the days of Noah


despite my failures i’ve been more blessed than i deserve so i really should just no even complain…but i go to testify that God is real!


and it doesn’t help help much when u know the theories of life but keep failing the practicum…i need to REALLY let go n let God!


life in this body is a test n i’m getting a failing grade…


in the meantime n between time i will fear no alarms caz i’m not worry bout principalities powers rulers of darkness n spiritual wickedness


no more two face back n belly rats….just peace and no more storm just the Anchor the Rock that i’ve built my faith upon…


no more dysfunctional families no more political correctness no more money loving power hungry vultures posing as people no more backbiters


no bad mind people no demon carry agents who occupy most of the seat in the church buildings no more sexual perversion no more whoremongers


i can’t wait for time to be no more…no sorrows no tears no hunger no war no criminals no work politics no family strife no fake friends…


i’m so looking forward to the day when i now have a glorified body – the way God intended it to be b4 sin…


Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein…


the mind of a child is like an untamed stallion, it gallops, kicks n refuses 2 be controlled then that child mind grows up to become a mule.


and when the moon is not quite round where can the missing bits be found?


i wonder why the grass is green and why the wind is never seen who taught the birds to build there nest or told the tress to take a rest…


labour 4 learning b4 u grow old 4 learning is better than silver or gold-silver n gold may vanish away but a good education will never decay


and because of the increase popularity of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold…


Life at times seem to be decided by chance, by being in the right place at the right time….


Those who are educated don’t always lead successful lives….


The wise sometimes go hungry, and the skillful are not necessarily wealthy…


The fastest runner doesn’t always win the race, and the strongest warrior doesn’t always win the battle…


I have observed some things so far in my life here on earth;


more al sharpton; how you define yourself is how u confine yourself…


i finally meet a man that was involved in the civil rights movement that echo my sentiments about life -don’t duplicate past innovate future


then as God would have it a friend invited me to a Al Sharpton symposium @ York University…wow i will never ever again just be ordinary..


…decided that the middle age Bart is truly dead i to re-connect with the Bart that was determine not to let obstacles stop my progress…


of course i had another challenging day @ work and i had to the tough decision to go above my boss to get my issues air…she was not happy


…had the pleasure to meet and listen to Reverend Alfred “Al” Sharpton…the man is a Christian 🙂


i wake up now kinda refresh, mind rested, connected proper with Jesus…so now it’s actual chilling time to be ready for work tomorrow…


after reaching home n cooking a big pot of soup for mi granny n i, it was Y&R time, so lost it’s been too long i feel asleep on mi granny :-


now off to visit a fren in pallative care dying with cancer…Lord Jesus pls heal her caz i caan c how her husband will manage without her.


my fren was given another chance to stay in Canada caz of mouth…i should have been a lawyer or some kind ppl defender…it was natural!


unexpectedly i had to follow a fren to the immigration centre and they arrest her for deportation…Lawd Gad! is a good thing i can chat…


so today after two very challenging days this week…i’m off so i wanted to just wanted to chill @ home…not!


happy birthday my little fren Michael Bishop…u r stronger than u may feel just keep pushing towards ur goal…cheers!


the Lord is my Shepard I SHALL NOT WANT!


im off work tom…but i cannot get my mind of all the things that are yet to be done…poor me, i wish i didn’t care like most ppl i know…


mini van people control jamaica! one driva a dozen conducta! mr general tree…flash back from the 80s


my favourite thing to do in JA are chilling under a cool tree reading a book, sleeping under the sky and hop on a mini bus n watch di ride..


really looking forward to my trip to Jamaica in a couple to weeks…i’ll be broke as a church mouse but the vibes will be priceless…


sometimes i actually wish God did not make me to be so real…caz it would sure lessen the pain if i could just fake my way thru life…


i do not know why i work for one of canada largest corporations but it feels like a sweat shop in china n i am a jailer…?


it did not work caz she still hasn’t realize that frenship is a two way street…but such is life!


it was one of my young fren’s birthday n i tried hard not to fight with her…


who would be me? God made me special n throw away the mold so i just need to learn to be the best me i can be for God’s plan to complete…


other times like Jesus…have no earthly goods just,ove, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance…


at times i wish i was like forrest gump; sees life like a box of chocolate, smart, loyal, rich and dedicated with no expectations of anyone


i wonder if there is a way or there will be a time ever that you never feels, sad, mad, shame, disappointment, regrets, used, abused, guilty


why does the ppl u care about the most seem to be the ppl that cause you the most grief…i wonder if God is thinking the same way about me?


wow…so glad Monday April 25th 2011 is gone never to comeback again.


love never fails…everything is in God’s hands- and He can do the impossible. Genesis 18:1- 15; 21:1-7.just touch the hem of his garment


…but wish i was that my god-daughter dinner party @ jack astor in scarborough…it’s interesting the turns that a person life takes!


so after a nice long hot bath i’m gonna just turn off ma phone try to watch a nice movie n meditate on the goodness of God…


hmm…i’m actually tired…been a while since i feel this tired but then i’ve going going like the energizer bunny everyday this week…


living 2 satisfy only flesh is to spiritual health as junk food is to our physical health – just flesh = corruption @ least balance Gal 6:8


“But godliness with contentment is great gain” (I Timothy 6:6)….


yet another perfect day…total alignment of mind body and soul 🙂


i may not have had a traditional family, i failed at trying to create my own but God has always provided, so i’m as ‘whole’ as anyone else


it’s so important to have persons in ur life that will continue to teach u the basics. my granny has always done that n it keeps me grounded


i bake 5 easter buns for the first time to…thanks to my granny the lovely aunt misses…i am official a baker!


don’t know where i’d be if Jesus didn’t love me…but i so glad He sacrifice His life to get my attention..speak Lord speak..:-)


perfect love will overcome all fears…


fear, guilt, prejudice n believe it or not love (when mis-guided) can be dream killers n the main obstacle to our personal calling…


another perfect day…mind body and soul.


…today i’m hoping to put some strong work into preparing for the show Women Only But Men Can Come too…so i ready when i return from JA!


…weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in that morning…He got it all in control even when i make really bad choices…tuJ


…do not lean on others be strong, be independent if u can, stand on a footing of ur own and cultivate a sound backbone…


hope to be a friend who loves sacrificially, accepts unconditionally, trusts completely, keeps healthy boundaries, gives mutual edification.


today was the perfect day…mind, body and soul!


Friday sleep-in for as long as my body will allow,bond with my granny..reserving my evening for church and/or a visit my Laurier fren 🙂


Thursday i plan to take a nice long walk for about 25 miles to go see my dentist…time to clear my head and connect with nature’s creator!


…i really enjoy being off work in the middle of the week…this week it’s both Thursday and Friday…:-)


…to worship Him i live, to worship Him i live i live to worship Him..oh oh oh…


…despite my daily challenges personally n professionally i’m too blessed to even waste a second thinking about what shouda! wouda! kouda!


I believe with all my heart. Happiness is a choice of attitude, a choice of how you respond to life, a choice of action…Abraham Lincoln


my attitude n understanding ABC of Jesus determines my personal, spiritual n professional success/satisfaction in my daily activities…


later in the evening i went to help my friend sister put her life in perspective…she wanted to no why i am not a full-time life coach..?


i facilitated communication workshop for parent n their teenage children today @ KCC n i felt true sense of purpose….


so i made it thru my first week in the corporate jungle…Bell is an awesome company to work for it if feels so different after 16 yrs…


today i was victim of an April fools joke…i was punked real bad caz i totally fell for the trick hook line n sinker…gosh im getting old!




…back to my full-time job at Bell Canada today after a 8 mth sabbatical ^_^ new position, new focus God help me to be the ‘NEW ME’ amen!


Life Begins When You, live as if this is all there is, making each day your very best; spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically…


Life Begins When You, become a positive-realistic leader or follow such a leader while personally doing what you LOVE!


Life Begins When You, choose with no regret and appreciate your friends….


Life Begins When You, practice wellness and continue to learn…:-)


..i felt weird with wires all over mi head last night-thought i’d never sleep-i did on mi back (wow) t’was n experience-now wait n see 🙂


…i am off to a sleep clinic tonight…to detect why i snore + can’t seem to get 8hrs sleep per night…the woes of single life 🙂


Life Begins When You, Walk to the edge.Listen hard. Laugh. Play with abandon….


9 or so major natural disasters in in 7 years, yet life seem to just continue with no serious thought for tomorrow….i wonder why?


hmm…what would life be like if there was no sin, sickness or poverty?


success is a journey not a destination….never let the failures on the way cause you to lose motivation or give up….Just do it!


“..if i spoke the truth, why did you strike me?” – “You have no power over me if it was not given to you from above” He paid it all for us!


Ask for anything in His name and you will receive it so that your joy can be complete

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Recovery Program that Pairs Physical and Mental Health Part 4 n final!

Based on the success of the Boost Your Mood program in Toronto, the Mood Disorders Association is now working to take it to other communities across Ontario. As a result of the positive feedback from the participants in the provincial Minding Our Bodies program, additional resources was provided to run another program in Toronto and future ‘train the trainers’ workshops outside of Toronto and I Bart Campbell a surviour will be a peer support worker. Special thanks to the Health Communities Fund, through the Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport, for supporting our first Boost Your Mood program in Toronto, and the upcoming provincial sessions….SIGN UP NOW!…it’s not even about weight loss like my story but more importantly, taking the best care of yourself with support from others! Hope to see you next Wednesday 

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Recovery Program that Pairs Physical and Mental Health Part 3

The Boost Your Mood program provided mental, emotional, physical and practical support so I could eat and be healthy while staying fit for life. This means, I can live a long stress-free and independent life with normal balance and control of my mood. I would strongly recommend it to anyone whether you have none, basic or advance knowledge/experience of mood disorders, food & nutrition and physical fitness…

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Recovery Program that Pairs Physical and Mental Health part 2

I was guided by an accredited personal trainer and registered dietician, both with lived experience, I learned how different types of food and even my posture can affect my mood. I gained an a more practical understanding of the Canada Food Guide and how to use it to my advantage and create meal plans that suit my taste buds with the right nutrients. That’s not all. I learned simple but effective exercises that can be done a couch, a church bench or my desk at work. Maybe I am extreme but now I spend an extra 30 minutes each day being active. The healthier eating and increased exercise has helped me lose 36 pounds and now I am 44 pounds….

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Recovery Program that Pairs Physical and Mental Health

While I was receiving treatment for major depression and anxiety, I came across a notice in a consumer-survivor bulletin that caught my eye. It talked about a new recovery program being offered by the Mood Disorders Association, called Boost Your Mood: Move, Eat and Be Healthy. After reading about how the six-week program was structured to help people improve their mood by eating well and exercising regularly, I decided to sign up. Nervous and worried that I maybe the only male there and it would mean that I am weak. It turned out to be the perfect type of group that would give me a boost on my road to recovery…..

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file….what record is being kept for you while you are on earth…?

lie….will it be the truth…?

if….looking back if you had known would you have made better choices…?

elf….are you living a fairy tale future and never living in the present….?

i.e….are you an example to those who love and care for you….?


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